Tips for Cutting down or Stopping

If you decide to cut down or stop drinking, here are some tips that can help you reach your goal:

  1. If you decide to have a drink, wait 20 minutes in between drinks. The break in between drinks will give you a chance to think about why you want a drink and will reduce impulse drinking.
  2. When you decide to drink, have no more than one drink per hour. If you're used to drinking more, try substituting every other other with a non-alcoholic drink like water, juice or soda.
  3. Drink no more than two drinks (for women) or three drinks (for men) on any day.
  4. Drink no more than nine drinks in a week (for women) or 14 drinks in a week (for men).
  5. Avoid drinking every day. Have at least one day each week that's drink-free.
  6. Don't drink in any situation where there's a risk of accidents or injuries. For example, don't drink and drive.

We'll expand on the above points and talk about specific strategies in the next section...