What Is Your Goal?

Once you've decided to change your drinking, the next question to ask yourself is:

Do I try to cut down my drinking?

Cutting down may not be the right goal for you if reduced drinking causes other problems in your life.

Or, do I try to cut it out altogether?

You may be the kind of person who finds it easier not to drink at all, rather than having just one or two drinks and not being able to stop.

Whatever you decide to do is up to you. This program has been designed to help and support anyone who wants to either cut down on their drinking or stop altogether.

Although you should feel safe working through this program and using our Support Group we do recommend that you stop drinking completely if...

  • you're breast feeding, pregnant or trying to conceive
  • you're taking medications that should not be mixed with alcohol
  • you've a health problem that gets worse by drinking, like high blood pressure
  • you know from experience that you never stop after one or two drink
  • you've ever had severe withdrawal symptoms, like hallucinations or shakes

Cutting down will make sense to you if...

  • you've been able to control your drinking in the past
  • you've never experienced severe withdrawal symptoms
  • you're willing to learn to control your drinking

The Toolbox has an exercise called "Your Goal" that helps you keep track of your goal. We encourage you to use this exercise and refer to it every now and then. Quitting drinking or cutting down can be difficult at first and it's often easy to get distracted. It's also important to remember that your Toolbox will always be here for you any time you need it – just log in.

In the next section we'll discuss some strategies for reaching your goal...