Questions to Ask your Health Care Professional

Your health care professional has been trained to understand that problem drinking is not the result of a weak or defective personality. Problem drinking happens to people no matter how strong or good they are. Your health care professional will understand that you're a person who is struggling and won't blame you for your problems.

Your health care professional sees these problems every day and they realize that your ability to discuss problem drinking is a sign of your strength – not your weakness. Many people go through their lives without discussing problem drinking, and this just leads to more problems later on. Remember that your health care professional spends a lot of their day talking to people about very personal and private problems. That's what they're trained to do!

If you're having trouble bringing up the subject of drinking, print out your Final Report from the Check Your Drinking (CYD) screener.

The CYD screener is designed to help you speak to your health care professional about your drinking. The CYD Final Report makes talking to your health care professional a little easier. After you answer the 18 CYD questions (all information is private and confidential), you - and only you - will receive your personal Final Report. The Final Report explains to your doctor that you've taken the test online and lists results that describe your drinking patterns. All you need to do is take the Final Report to your doctor and share the results.

If you're nervous about taking your final report to your health care professional, you could:

  • Say that you have some concerns about your drinking and took a test to see if you may have a problem,
  • Tell your health care professional about the AHC and tell them that you've been reading some information and have some concerns,
  • Hand a printable version of your Final Report to your health care professional and say nothing at all

Your health care professional will know what to do from there.

Remember: Your health care professional can't help you until you ask for help.

It may seem like it's easier said than done, but a lot of people find they feel better just sharing their concerns with their doctor. If you don't believe us, click "next" to see how many people are like you, and are successful at reaching their goals!