Getting Support

We fully understand that quitting drinking or cutting down is a very private matter. Unfortunately some people never get the support that they need. They don’t get the support they need because they’re either embarrassed or feel that there is no support available.

Don't think this way. Remember the facts:

  • Only 2-3 million seek help each year. We say "only" because many more people need help or support.
  • Almost half of all trauma and injury visits to hospital emergency rooms and 20-30% of all trips to the emergency room are alcohol-related.
  • People with drinking problems say they call in sick or skip work 30% more than workers who don't have drinking problems. They also are more likely to be late for work or to leave early.

Our Online Support Group is moderated by healthcare professionals. Although our Support Group has been designed to allow people to share information and experiences and we don't offer psychotherapy or information on medication, it's here to help you connect with others who are feeling the same way you do.

We also have an Instant Messaging Service that allows you to find some buddies in our Support Group that you'd like to speak with privately. This way, you can give and get one-on-one support.

The Online Support Group is completely anonymous and confidential. Nobody will ever know who you are.

Some people need more help that the AHC can offer. This is also normal and your health care professional is the best person to help you. We realize that some people have difficulty in communicating with their health care professional.

In the next section we'll talk about some strategies that can help you communicate with your doctor or health care specialist…