Why Is Getting Help Important?

As you probably already know, alcohol addiction can be a serious problem. The good news is that with the right help and support, alcohol addiction can be controlled.

Problems with drinking are not rare. About one of every 13 adults has a serious problem with alcohol, yet only 2-3 million seek help each year. If left undiagnosed and untreated, alcohol problems can result in staggering consequences to individuals, health care systems and employers. For example:

  • Almost half of all trauma and injury visits to hospital emergency rooms and 20-30% of all trips to the emergency room are alcohol-related.
  • People with drinking problems say they call in sick or skip work 30% more than workers who don't have drinking problems. They also are more likely to be late for work or to leave early.

So you're not alone. Don't let any reason or person stop you from getting the right kind help that you deserve. If you have a problem with drinking it's very important to get help, just like you would for any serious medical illness.

For example, if you have a broken arm, you need to see a doctor to get it fixed. It just doesn't make sense to walk around in pain with a broken bone that doesn't work properly. Most diabetics do what they can to get proper medication and make the required changes to their diet and lifestyle so they don't get sick. Most people with heart problems do the same. Alcohol addiction is just as serious as a broken arm, diabetes or heart problems so you should do everything you can to get proper help.

Don't be discouraged from getting help by anyone who says, "it's nothing to worry about," "it's just stress," "it's all in your head," "snap out of it," or "get over it." While others may mean well, the fact is that people who've never had a problem with drinking will often have trouble understanding how serious the problem is. That's why our anonymous Support Group and Instant Messaging Service are here for you – it's important to connect with people who are experiencing the same feelings you are.

Common Reasons for Not Getting Help or Advice
  • People manage to convince themselves that their problem isn't serious
  • People think that their drinking is part of their personality
  • People often feel embarrassed about talking about it
  • People often blame themselves for their problems because they're “weak”
  • Others dislike the idea of having to deal with their problems
  • People often say that they haven't sought help because help isn't available

Don't confuse problem drinking with your personality. You're not a failure. Problems with drinking are a lot more common that you think, and help is available.