Privacy Policy

The Alcohol Help Center (AHC) provides you customized tools and information that will help you manage problem drinking. If you sign up for this program you will be asked for some anonymous personal information. As you proceed through the program you will be asked for other information specific to your profile.

The following outlines the type of information collected and how it is used, and describes our Privacy Policy regarding the use of this data.

What kind of information is collected and why?

  • Gender: some materials are gender specific based on success strategy research.
  • Age: some of the feedback we provide you is based on how your age relates to the stages of change.
  • User name: this program personalizes your answers and creates a program that is specific to you. Please do not use your last name. To protect your anonymity we suggest that you use a nickname or an alias.
  • Email ID: part of this program is an 11 week inspirational email program that is designed to assist and motivate you in your quest to achieve a healthy weight. After registering with the program you have the option of removing yourself from this aspect of the program. We also require an email address to both sign up and access the program. Although we do not sell email addresses we suggest that you use a free and anonymous Yahoo! or Hotmail email address when registering. We encourage you check your email settings to make sure that the program emails are not filtered into a bulk or spam folder.
  • Mobile Phone Number: Our program offers anonymous tips and motivation messages via mobile phone. We do not charge for this service, but please note that if you decide to participate, some wireless carriers may charge you to receive text messages on your phone. We are not responsible for any charges you may incur so please check with your wireless provider to find out whether you will be billed for receiving messages. Under no circumstances do we collect or share mobile phone numbers.
  • Your Personal Progress: these elements will become the basis of providing you with personal feedback and customized plans.

We do not ever sell or share email addresses, names, or addresses to third parties and we will not contact you with any marketing offers or spam.

How will this information be used?

  • Your information will be used to create your personal program.
  • Your information will be grouped with other people's information so that we can make decisions about how to improve the system for others.
  • General, anonymous information will be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of this program with a culturally diverse and international-based group of individuals who are trying to overcome problem drinking.
  • Your information will be used to collect anonymous efficacy and clinical data that is used in validating the effectiveness of this software platform.

We never sell or share email addresses, names, or addresses to third parties and we will not contact you with any marketing offers or spam.

Your involvement in a world-wide stop smoking program

This Internet program is truly unique in that it allows you to easily become an active member of a worldwide, ongoing program. The research data gathered on this site will only be reviewed on the basis of population, and will only be reviewed by Evolution Health Systems Inc. and its advisors. No personal data will be used, forwarded or sold to an outside organization.

Your involvement in a world wide group will help future people achieve the same goals  as we continually upgrade and improve this web site. You will be asked for your opinion of those elements you found useful and those you didn't. Your opinion is valuable to us.

If you choose to use this Internet site, you can consider yourself part of an advanced, ongoing effort to help others!