How AHC 2.0 Works

Whether you're thinking of reducing your drinking, cutting down, or even if you're not sure where to start the Alcohol Help Center can help!

And you're not alone. Thousands of people who feel the way to do have registered for this program so they could create their own plan, connect with others, and ask our Health Educators for support and advice.

Getting started is easy. Just follow these simple steps to create your own anonymous account. After you register you'll have access to all the tools and networks in the program.

Step 1. Sign up
Click the "Join Now" button in the upper right corner. We'll ask you a few questions about yourself so we can give you the most helpful resources. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided at registration. It contains your program password, so you may want to save or print the email for reference. Although your personal information is always kept strictly confidential, we encourage you to register with an anonymous email address.

Step 2. Connect with Other Members and Our Support Specialists
Once you've created an account you automatically have posting privileges in the online support group. Our Health Educators are also online to help with questions. Even if you don't want to post messages right away, many find it helpful to just read what others are experiencing.

Step 3. Create Your Plan
Once you're logged in, you also have access to all of the exercises to help you better understand your goals. The more you know, the better chances you have of reaching your goal. You're welcome to complete the exercises in any order. You can also come back and re-do the exercises at a later date or just review your results.

Step 4. Access Your Tools
Your account also gives you access to helpful tools. You can download workbooks or just change your password. Also, you can create a profile and upload a picture for other members of the online support group. Finally, you can update or cancel your subscription to your support email.

Step 5. Let Us Know How You're Doing!
We want to make sure our program is as helpful as possible. Occasionally we'll send you an invitation to give us your feedback and let us know how you are doing. Your feedback is very important and we appreciate your honest answers so we can improve the program for others.

If you need more help or support, you can always check out the online support group. Chances are, someone else has the same questions as you. If you'd prefer, you can contact our Support Specialists directly. For technical questions, please contact our IT Team for help.